Saturday, December 8, 2007

Art to Art!

If you haven't seen it yet - check out the current (Fall-Winter 2007-08) print edition of the slick, bi-annual magazine, "Art-to-Art Palette." My work is (and I am) featured in the "The Potter's Shed" section on pages 79 - 82. The piece I show here (that is also in the magazine) is titled The Groundling. It is an earthenware clay sculpture, 14" x 10".

The magazine's goals are to help, highlight, connect, and promote artists and art organizations in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. The magazine is only available through mail order subscription. To order it - email with your name and address. They will acknowledge, put you on the list, and include your invoice with the 2007-2008 Fall/Winter print issue. To learn more about this very useful and interesting magazine--visit its online version at You can copy and paste this address or click on the link below in our Links We Like list. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jim exhibits at Edison College

Jim recently had an exhibit of his most recent clay sculptures at Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio. The artist closing reception was Wednesday, 10/31/07. The piece shown, titled "Secret Weapons," is also the one that won the award at the Wright State Alumni show mentioned earlier.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I've Been Spotted!

Fellow Yellow Springs artist (well, I'm almost there) Corrine Bayraktaroglu (a.k.a. Jafabrit) spotted one of my sculptures (above, titled "Submission") at the recent Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) members show. She liked it, photographed it, and posted the picture on the Yellow Springs Arts Council blogsite. I am honored. Check it out, if you're so inclined, via a link to the YSAC site below. (It's now an old entry, but it may still be on there).

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jim Wins Award in WSU Alumni Show

Jim had two sculptures juried into the Wright State University Alumni show, which runs 6/22/07 through 8/3/07. He also took second place in the show for his piece titled, "Secret Weapons." I'll get a picture of it on here and/or on the web site one of these days. The show consisted of 72 pieces from 51 alumni, and was held in recognition of university's 40th anniversary.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chamber Pot Gallery

To anyone who hasn't already checked it out yet, if you can, go visit the Chamber Pot Gallery - the public restrooms in the cool train station building that houses the Yellow Springs (OH) Chamber of Commerce. Also called a "loo with a view," the gallery is in its second year of showcasing some fine and fun artwork by local and regional artists (including moi). Go here for a sneak peek of what's showing: You can also get to it by going to the Chamber Pot Gallery link below. I sold my first painting and (relatively) quickly made a new one to hang up for the rest of the year or until someone wants to purchase it - whichever comes first. Enjoy!

All Comments Are Welcome

Well, I finally figured out how to open up the conversations to all - bloggers, non-bloggers and anonymous, so feel free...Now, if I could only figure out how to add a "simple" emailing list, so folks (who are so inclined) can find out when new stuff is added here - I'd be thrilled. Is there anybody out there...who knows about this and can explain it in English (not just Bloggese)? I have this love-hate thing with technology, you see. All comments are welcome.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Commissions Welcome

I talk about this at length on our web site, but here's just a quick note to let you know that Jim and I will consider commission work in sculpture and sculpture repair and restoration. And I do photography: if you have a wedding, graduation, anniversary or whatever party that you want photographed, if you need a personal or family portrait, or you have artwork that needs studio documentation, let us know and we'll see if we can help you. Thanks!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Studio to Be

Here are some photographs I made awhile back of the driveway and the front of our studio in Yellow Springs. (It looks a bit better now; I should probably make some new pictures).

No Biz Like Show Biz

Jim may be the hardest working man in raku. He's got so many shows lined up this year it's hard to keep track. Here is the latest batch, though more will no doubt be added:
*Detroit (MI) Festival of the Arts, Wayne State University, 6/8 - 6/10/07
*Royal Oak (MI) Clay and Glass, 6/16 - 6/17/07
*Crosby Gardens Art Fair, Toledo, OH, 6/22 - 6/24/07
*Royal Oak (MI) Outdoor Art Fair, 7/7 - 7/8/07
*Cane Park, Cleveland, OH, 7/13 - 7/15/07
*Farmington (MI) Art on the Grand, 7/20 - 7/22/07
*Akron (OH) Art Expo, Hardesty Park, 7/27 - 7/29/07
*Orchard Lake (MI) 8/3 - 8/5/07
*Art on the Commons, Kettering, OH, 8/12/07
*Lexington, KY, Art at Woodland Park, 8/18 - 8/19/07
*Art & Apples, Rochester, MI, 9/7 - 9/9/07
*Goodale Park Art Festival, Columbus, OH, 9/22 - 9/23/07
*Olde Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH, 10/7/07
*Novi (MI) Sugarloaf Art Fair, Rock Financial Showplace, 10/19 - 10/21/07
*Gaithersburg (MD) Sugarloaf Art Fair, 11/16 - 11/18/07
*By Hand Art Show, Cleveland IX Center, 12/8 - 12/9/07

Friday, May 25, 2007

The News is Out

Hi all -
Well, we recently sent out the first issue of our online newsletter announcing Klinger Studio. Since we aren't finished creating the studio yet - it was short and sweet. If you received it and you want to know more, let us know. If you didn't receive it and want to - or know someone else who might like to - let us know. I hope everyone is enjoying this incredible Memorial Day weekend. Cheers!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Potter's Shed

Jim and I recently appeared in the regional online publication "The Potter's Shed" (the clay section of the online newsletter "Art-to-Art Palette"). Jim was asked when he first got hooked on clay, and I was asked about how travel has affected my artwork. Other local and regional folks have made it in there as well. Check them out at the link below and enjoy!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Open to Ideas

Once we get our studio up and running, Jim and I are open to any ideas you may have for possible workshops, classes, activities and events. What art medium (visual, performing or literary) have you always wanted to learn more about or do? What medium are you qualified to teach? Your suggestions are welcome!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jim in Sunny Florida

While most of us were freezing here in southern Ohio, Jim was down in southern Florida, basking in the warmth of both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. He reports good weather and good sales of his raku ceramics. Must be nice!

...It's now May and (besides building our studio) Jim is preparing for the Spring/Summer series of art shows. Lots of work, but fun too. If you're interested in seeing his work - catch him at any of the shows we have scheduled. I try to keep our list updated on our web site. Just go here: (, click on Art Shows, and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christine in Solo Show at Edison College

Christine was invited to do a one-woman exhibit of her clay sculpture in the Gallery at Edison College in Piqua, OH. It ran from March 2 through March 30, 2007, with a closing reception on Wednesday, March 28. The show resulted in 4 sales, so that was fun.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jim in The Potter's Shed

Jim and I were in the Potter's Shed, an on-line arts magazine. Thanks for your comments and support. A link to their always-changing mag is in our Links we Like area. Enjoy!

Klinger Studio Blog Site

Welcome to Klinger Studio Blog Site
This blogging is all new to me, so this site is totally under construction. I will hammer some nails into it eventually. Jim and I are also in the midst of building a home, studio and gallery in beautiful Yellow Springs, Ohio. More on this later. In the meantime, feel free to say hello on this site, and also visit our real web site to see our art work and a bit more about our plans. Just click on: Thanks for stopping by!