Sunday, March 4, 2007

Jim in Sunny Florida

While most of us were freezing here in southern Ohio, Jim was down in southern Florida, basking in the warmth of both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. He reports good weather and good sales of his raku ceramics. Must be nice!

...It's now May and (besides building our studio) Jim is preparing for the Spring/Summer series of art shows. Lots of work, but fun too. If you're interested in seeing his work - catch him at any of the shows we have scheduled. I try to keep our list updated on our web site. Just go here: (, click on Art Shows, and enjoy!


Janvangogh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Christine.

If we ever drive back to Wisconsin, I had thought about taking a detour to Yellow Springs. Thanks for the invite.

Christine Klinger said...

You are quite welcome. Jim does a few art shows in Pennsylvania too; perhaps you've been to one of them. Yellow Springs, Ohio, has a high proportion of artists whose work you can see if you do drop by. Thanks!

jafabrit said...

Oh, can he send some of the sunshine up here brrrrrr!