Saturday, December 8, 2007

Art to Art!

If you haven't seen it yet - check out the current (Fall-Winter 2007-08) print edition of the slick, bi-annual magazine, "Art-to-Art Palette." My work is (and I am) featured in the "The Potter's Shed" section on pages 79 - 82. The piece I show here (that is also in the magazine) is titled The Groundling. It is an earthenware clay sculpture, 14" x 10".

The magazine's goals are to help, highlight, connect, and promote artists and art organizations in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky. The magazine is only available through mail order subscription. To order it - email with your name and address. They will acknowledge, put you on the list, and include your invoice with the 2007-2008 Fall/Winter print issue. To learn more about this very useful and interesting magazine--visit its online version at You can copy and paste this address or click on the link below in our Links We Like list. Enjoy!


Joan Crawford Barnes said...

Enjoyed very much the article in Fall/Winter 2007-2008 edition of Art-to-Art Palette. I think your work is very provocative and I looked at "The Groundling for quite a while, it made me think of many times of being in the humbling position of prayer to our creator God. Also the shaw made me think of the many prayer warriors still using the prayer shaw.

Good job Christine and also very informative....

Trish Zeffers said...

Christine I have always loved your work, in it's many forms. Very pleased to see us sharing magazine space & in the future hopefully mingling our creative hands. Art-to-Art Palette is a very sleak publication of which I am proud to suupport. Would you be up for a Winds Sunday brunch sometime this holiday season? I'd like to see how we can team up!!! Email me if you are. Blessings, Trish