Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saving Antioch

In an effort to help save my alma mater, Antioch College, I created and donated a painting to the Antioch New York's fundraising exhibit, held recently at the cool, little Casa Frela gallery in Harlem, NYC. The show was called "Greetings from Antioch College - The Postcard Show," as all pieces were 5" x 7" tops. My piece (shown here), entitled "Life on the Edge," is a painting on fired clay. It now travels to L.A. to be in an upcoming Antioch Los Angeles exhibit, venue to be determined soon. It's exciting to be in New York and L.A. galleries, and an honor to help the cause which, at this moment, looks like it's going to be a success. As you may know, a newly formed corporation, made up of Antioch alumni and friends, is buying the college and will, finally, have its own board of trustees. Yahoo! Check out the show at and click on: PAST EXHIBITIONS AT CASA FRELA.

P.S. Well, maybe Antioch's survival is not such a done deal afterall. But the powers that be are still talking, which is a good sign...

"Living the Artist's Life"

For those of you who have not yet discovered this treasure of a book - I highly recommend writer/gallery owner Paul Dorrell's "Living the Artist's Life." It's an inspirational yet down-to-earth resource and a fun read to boot! Also, check out his web site: Enjoy!