Monday, December 29, 2008

Invitation Accepted!

I was just informed today that I have been invited to show some of my artwork in the Wilmington (OH) College Art Gallery next Spring which, of course, I accepted. The exhibit will be comprised of artists who won first place awards in the Dayton (OH) Society of Painters and Sculptors Fall, 2008 show. I did so (as I mention below) for a sculpture entitled "Heads Together (on the Survival of Antioch College.") I will get to exhibit 5 or 6 pieces, maybe more. More information will be posted here as I hear of it. Yea!


JafaBrit's Art said...

congratulations Christine :) How are you, haven't seen you around for a while :)

Christine Klinger said...

Thanks. I've been pretty good, for December. YS projects are all on hold for the winter. Was just thinking of you recently. Hope you're doing well. Happy 2009! (P.S. How did you know I wrote this today - did you just happen to look at my blog? or are you on a list to receive new entries? I wanted and worked on this, but didn't think I had achieved it!)

Karen Townsend-Cox said...

Hi Christine: Discovered your blog and really enjoyed seeing some of your work - James' too.

Congratulations on your recent award.

Christine Klinger said...

Thanks, Karen! Nice to be back in touch. I'll drop you a longer line soon.