Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Phases

This piece is brand new. It's a little 7" x 5" ink on yupo I'm calling "Mystery Garden." I'm not posting a paypal button, but if you're interested - drop me an email - seen on this site or via the web site. I can either mat and frame it 8 x 10, without glass ($75), or mount it on an unframed 5 x 7 canvas ($65). Either way it would be wired and ready to hang. This piece shows one of a couple of new challenges I've been giving myself lately; I'm having fun. I'm also posting now just to get this blog up and running a bit, for awhile. There are a lot of my older paintings on here - with paypal buttons. Just want folks to know I'm still at it. I also have 2 other blogs I post on from time to time: and - links on the right, as well as our web site: and a little at klingerstudios on facebook. Enjoy!

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